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RSI Videofied MotionViewer Online Camera Monitoring Management App – Remote Event

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Camvista have just recently launched their Remote Event web-based software application that has been developed for online managing and assisting with monitoring the fastest growing alarm video monitoring security cameras – the Videofied MotionViewer wireless self powered GPRS mobile security systems – manufactured by French company, RSI Videofied Technologies based in Strasbourg, northeastern France.

Remote Event for Videofied products

Remote Event has been fully developed and tested over a number of months to allow Alarm Receiving Centres and Monitoring Stations all over the globe who are currently security monitoring the highly popular Videofied surveillance video alarm systems for the commercial and home security marketplace.  Remote Event is a much needed and already well received web software solution for monitoring stations and alarm receiving centres remotely monitoring the innovative Videofied battery powered GPRS mobile wireless rapid reployable surveillance video camera systems

To monitor any of the Videofied security video camera alarm products Alarm Receiving Centres and Monitoring Stations require the FRONTEL software package to monitor all the video alarm alerts from the Videofied surveillance alarm products.

Remote Event has been developed by Camvista who work closely with many monitoring stations and alarm receiving centres around the globe to add extra features and camera management functions that works well alongside the FRONTEL monitoring software to give important and valuable additional camera alarm management tools not currently available with FRONTEL for security related companies monitoring the fastest growing video alarm surveillance cameras – the RSI Videofied security video alarm products.

For more information about the new Remote Event web-based software management application for Videofied MotionViewer alarm video security cameras monitored by Alarm Receiving Stations and Monitoring Stations  РVISIT РHERE

Wanting an online working demo of Remote Event in full working mode?  If so, TELEPHONE Р0845 Р2416040