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Rapid Deployment Satellite Broadband For Construction Sites And CCTV Camera Systems

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Camvista are Global leaders in operating live streaming video cameras at locations all over the world.  Installing and operating HD real-time video streaming CCTV cameras for security monitoring and project management on construction and building sites – tourism locations – remote engineering locations for security and project monitoring purposes – over fixed line broadband – 2.5 G (GPRS) and 3G mobile phone networks – high speed satellite broadband

Camvista in the last few months have been installing their cutting edge construcdtion and project management HD camera systems on construction developments for security monitoring and project management on sites all over the UK, Ireland, Kenya, Bangladesh and India.  Shortly Camvista will be deploying their 3G and broadband streaming video camera systems for construction webcam time-lapse projects in the Middle East and other countries in Africa to allow Camvista’s clients to monitor progress of their international construction developments – remotely – via computers, laptops, smarphones and PDA devices


Working with one of Europe’s largest Satellite broadband operators Camvista have been developing on their behalf, inovative satellite broadband low bandwidth and data allowance HD streaming video camera solutions (up tp 30 frames per second) that will allow construction client’s to rapidly deploy construction CCTV security camera systems and project management time-lapse webcameras onto their construction sites or remote engineering projects – without any delays or having high costs in providing expensive fixed telephone lines, on green field sites. for broadband connections or worrying if there is a reliable 3G mobile phone signal in the remote location to operate CCTV security camera systems to protect and secure their remote construction sites

Not only can Camvista provide a highly cost effective rapid deployment turn-key CCTV camera monitoring high speed satellite broadband based security solution for construction sites and remote engineering project locations we can also provide fast Internet broadband connections for computers and laptops for project/site management and high quality VOIP telephone communication as a combined construction site package with our rapid deployment high speed satellite broadband security surveillance camera solutions – allowing construction companies and remote engineering projects to operate security/project camera systems to protect and secure their remote sites as well as have fast satellite Internet broadband and VOIP telephone communications fully operating within a few days.

For more detailed information about the Rapid Deployment Low Priced High Speed Satellite Broadband Solutions for operating CCTV security cameras on construction sites and for remote engineering projects – Telephone – Camvista – 0845 241 6040    or fill in a CONTACT CAMVISTA CONTACT FORM –  HERE