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Managing Customer Throughput with Remote Alert

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Many Remote Alert customers, are using our online security camera monitoring application, not just for security camera monitoring but for other important business monitoring applications. Remote Alert is ideal, for Retail sector, Tourism and Visitor attractions, Bars and Restaurants who would like to manage customer throughput, indoors, or outdoors, at their business premises. For example, one of our first Remote Alert client’s, a small Jewellery shop in Edinburgh, purchased our Remote Alert security camera monitoring package, to allow management to monitor an indoor IP wireless security camera system, remotely. The Edinburgh based Jewellery shop, currently has a number of indoor CCTV security cameras in operation, with a security video recorder, where they can view all CCTV camera footage from videos 24 hours a day. However, their traditional CCTV camera system doesn’t allow them to view the cameras, or video footage, remotely, from a computer device.

By purchasing a Remote Alert IP wireless security camera, which took minutes to install, and operate from their wireless network already in operation in the Jewellery shop, management and owners can now view the wireless CCTV camera, remotely. By adding a monthly Remote Alert monitoring package, at a cost of only £10.00 plus VAT, management can now view all recorded snap shots, of visitors and customers who have visited the shop, remotely on computers. Allowing them to view any security incident, that might take place, without having to return to the Jewellery shop premises, to view the video footage from their current CCTV camera recordings.

However, after operating Remote Alert, for a number of months, they have found other business monitoring uses that have greatly helped to improve and increase their business activities at their Edinburgh Retail shop. Because a camera snap shot, is recorded on Remote Alert of every visitor arriving, and leaving their Jewellery shop, they can in seconds, with viewing their Remote Alert features, Motion Events Stats, monitor visitor and customer throughput. Allowing the shop owners, to manager customer throughput. The Remote Alert indoor wireless camera system, with many of Remote Alert features, has allowed the owners and managent of the Edinburgh shop to identify peak and low periods of visitors to their Jewellery shop. By viewing Remote Alert tool, Motion Events Stats, they can now monitor, busy and quiet times, throughout a week, day or hourly, in seconds, by logging onto their Remote Alert user account and viewing the image graphs that have been snapped by the indoor CCTV camera.

Already, Remote Alert has allowed them change staffing levels, to cope at times when the shop is always busy, at certain days, and times of the week, as well as cutting back staff hours at very quiet periods of days and times of the working week. Thanks to Remote Alert feature, Motion Events Stats, the managagement of the Jewellery shop has been able to make and improve crucial staffing level decisions thanks to Remote Alert. A great bonus, that they weren’t expecting to have, when they purchased their small indoor wireless security camera as well as their monthly Remote Alert recording package.

Remore Alert – A great monitoring tool to manage customer and visitor throughput