Security Monitoring Applications

The battery powered wireless GPRS mobile MeerCams are now one of the fastest growing and most cost effective remote security solutions for a vast range of security applications in the UK and abroad - quickly replacing traditional manned guarding and CCTV monitoring security solutions.

No other surveillance security monitoring solution can match or compete with the security performance of the rapid deployable MeerCams for protecting and securing remote locations - on price or as a security deterrent to stop criminal activities, theft and vandalism.

See the below list of some of the security applications where the MeerCams outperform CCTV monitoring systems and manned security guarding - on price and security monitoring performance:

Construction Site Security

All the majoy construction companies around the UK are now deploying the MeerCams to protect and secure their construction sites.  Slashing their traditional manned guarding and CCTV security monitoring costs by more than 60%.  Not only are the MeerCams dramatically reducing construction site surveillance costs they are greatly enhancing security on UK construction sites by actually stopping theft, vandalism and unwanted visitors.  For more information how Camvista can reduce construction site security costs and improve security monitoring on UK construction sites - visit - HERE

House Building Sites Security

With the recent downturn in the UK economy affecting UK house building companies all costs associated with house building projects are being very closely looked at to reduce uneccessary costs.  Many house building companies around the UK are now replacing their traditional house building projects security with the low cost battery powered wireless GPRS mobile MeerCams.  Saving a fortune as well as improving their current security arrangements compared to traditional CCTV camera monitoring and static guards.  For more info on how the MeerCams are reducing house building sites security costs - visit - HERE

Void and Vacant Building Security

Protecting and securing void and vacant buildings from metals theft and vandalism is proving to be a very expensive learning curve for void property companies and housing associations in all areas of the UK. Learn how the rapid deployable self powered wireless GPRS mobile MeerCams are now the No1 void and vacant building security solution to stop and deter metals theft and vandalism on void and vacant buildings - HERE

Empty Houses and Properties Security

The wireless battery powered GPRS mobile MeerCams are being deployed by void propery companies and housing associations to secure and protect empty houses and properties from theft and vandalism.  Find out why the MeerCams are now the most cost effective and best valued security monitoring solution to stop crime at empty properties and houses in all a\reas of the UK - HERE

Stop Copper and Metals Theft Security

Theft of copper and metals crime is soaring all over the UK.  With metals and copper prices increasing so has the criminal activities.  The battery powered GPRS mobile wireless MeerCams are being rapidly deployed at remote sites to stop and deter copper and metals theft.  Learn how the MeerCams are now the most cost effective security monitoring deterrent to reduce and stamp out metals and copper crime -  HERE

Church Roofs Perimeter Security

Many churches in all areas of the UK are being HIT with thefts of lead and other metals from their roofs of their chuch buildings.  Fortunately the wireless MeerCams are helping churches to prevent and stop lead and metal thefts fropm their roof areas.  Learn how MeerCams can stop lead and metal crime for churches - HERE

Perimeter Security Protection

With no cables or telephone/broadband required to install and operate the GPRS mobile wireless self powered MeerCams it's of no surprise that operating the MeerCams as a perimeter fence security monitoring system is much mkore cost effective than installing and operrating traditional CCTV monitoring cameras for perimeter security protection.  Find out HERE why the MeerCams are currently the most cost effective and low priced Perimeter security monitoring system in the UK.

 Car Park Perimeter Security.

Installing CCTV camera systems to protect and secure Car Park perimeter fences can be a very expensive security excercise. The low priced self powered wireless MeerCams are now replacing expensive to install and operate CCTV monitoring systems to secure and protect Car Park perimeter fences,  Find out why the MeerCams are now the No1 remote security solution for Car Park Perimeter Security - HERE

Schools Perimeter Security Protection

The rapid deployable wireless GPRS mobile battery powered security monitoring cameras - the MeerCams - is not only helping to greatly reduce security monitoring costs for schools and education buildings and properties.  Low priced rental and purchase prices can greatly help schools and Educational organisations to save much needed money from their security cameras budget.  Find out why the MeerCams are being deployed by schools and educational authorities - HERE

Utilities Gas and Water Remote Security Protection

Unmanned and remote Gas pumping stations and water treatment facilities are being targeted by criminals and vandals as a `easy target` to steal metals and copper from.  The MeerCam temporary intrusion detection systems are now helping Utilities companies such as Water companies and Gas Boards to protect and secure their unstaffed remote assets. Find out HERE why thye MeerCams are being rented or sold to Utility companies all over the UK

Solar Parks Perimeter Security Monitoring Solutions

The low cost battery powered wireless MeerCams are being deployed around the UK to protect Solar Parks.   For more detailed information on why many Solar Parks perimeter fences are being security protected by the wireless MeerCams - HERE


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